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  • Questions & AnswersWhy do we keep kosher? Hasn't religion caused as much suffering as good? What happens after we die? The first Jew began by asking questions, finding answers, and asking questions on the answers. The quest continues... Read More
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Under the direction of Rabbi Sadya Davidoff and his wife Shimona, Chabad of Shoreline, founded in 2018, offers many programs, services, and events to all ages in the Jewish community of the Shoreline area.

"Our goal is building a lasting edifice upon which the community feels uplifted through engaging programs, nourishing connections, spiritual enrichment and unconditional love. "
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  • Is Hamsa Jewish?This amulet of a hand, often with an open eye, is common in some Jewish circles. Is it kosher? Read More
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Fighting evil is a very noble activity when it must be done. But it is not our mission in life. Our job is to bring in more light.
The Lubavitcher Rebbe
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